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“Education is an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in mind, body, and spirit.”– Mahatma Gandhi.”

With a view to realising this vision of iconic Mahatma Gandhi , Geeta Devi DAV Public School, Castair’s Town, Deoghar came into existence on 1st April, 1996 with a quintessential mission and initiative to produce and create a rich human resource with human, social and national value. This school is the quintessence of a perfect nursery where the focus is shifted on creation of an atmosphere where the students build up their self confidence and further learn to live the life with self esteem. The students step into the portal of this amazing institution with pure thoughts, lofty aims, high hopes and exalted aspirations. As an accountable institution, the school leaves no stone unturned in living up to their expectations. They are taught to take a sanguine view of every aspect and dream big and then channel whole energy and resources to attain the goal.

This school is consistently imparting the kind of education today's children badly require. The school believes in quality education that helps the learners blossom forth into their full potential and shape. At the same time, it also conceives in mind the growth of weaker section of the society. The school sprawling in acres of land enjoys the panoramic view of lush green, pristine and ethereal beauty with large imposing school edifice and state of the art infrastructure make it a model school where the faculty and students yield outstanding results. 

The school works in a team of vibrant parents, true well wishers, enthusiastically studious students and strikingly qualified, accomplished & experienced teachers. As a result, it has emerged as a premier educational cradle in the town not for the normal teaching learning activity but also for conducting co-curricular activities galore. With a beautiful blend of blessings as well as wishes of DAV CMC stalwarts and mentors of the zone, the school has constantly been putting efforts in developing and honing the skills of children and helping them in occupying leadership position in various realms of life and enabling them in becoming known at the global scenario. We understand that this is by no means a small task. Today, the quality of education is continuously scaling new heights and new benchmarks are constantly being set. Thus, education having become a very competitive sector excellence is the only thing that rules here and Geeta Devi DAV Public School, Castair’s Town,Deoghar is committed for the same.

Today, the number of the students who struggle - in school - academically or behaviourally is staggering. Though there are a large number of factors responsible for students being At-Risk of emotional, behavioural and academic laggard, there are strategies for prevention of such issues arising out of the condition. For this our sound faculty members develop a comprehensive and effective support system for students as per their individual needs. We all know that all students are born with special traits and remarkable ability. The need is of providing them opportunity to develop their latent yet creative talents and our school has gone a long way in doing so. The pass outs of this school are rendering their sincere and honest services to the country in various capacities.

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